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WANDERlust - Allison Adams Tucker
origin records
WANDERlust (Origin Records 2016)
  1. When in Rome (Cy Coleman / Carolyn Leigh) 5:12
  2. Vuelvo al Sur (Astor Piazzolla / Fernando Solanas) 4:32
  3. A Thousand Years (Christina Perri / David Hodges) 5:30
  4. Águas de Março (Antonio Carlos Jobim) 4:16
  5. Cinema Paradiso (Ennio Morricone) 6:12
  6. Sous le Ciel de Paris (Hubert Giraud / Jean Drejac) 4:09
  7. Mediterráneo (Joan Manuel Serrat) 5:01
  8. Pure Imagination (Leslie Bricusse / Anthony Newley) 5:06
  9. Takeda Lullaby 竹田の子守唄 (Japanese traditional) 2:59
  10. Wanderlust (Björk / Sjón) 7:15
  11. Better Days Ahead (Pat Metheny) 4:24
Music arranged by: Josh Nelson (1, 3, 5, 10): Danny Green (8): Romero Lubambo (2, 4, 9): Stéphane Wrembel (6): Mike Moreno (7)

Featuring: JOSH NELSON piano, fender rhodes, pump organ, SCOTT COLLEY bass, ANTONIO SANCHEZ drums, CHRIS POTTER bass clarinet, tenor sax, flute, ROGÉRIO BOCCATO percussion, ROMERO LUBAMBO guitar (1, 2, 4, 5, 9), MIKE MORENO guitar (3, 7, 10, 11) STÉPHANE WREMBEL guitar (3, 6)

Produced by Matt Pierson : Recorded & mixed by Chris Allen at Sear Sound, New York City
April in Paris - Allison Adams Tucker
april in paris (Allegato Music 2014)
  1. it might as well be spring (richard rodgers) 3:56
  2. la canzone dei vecchi amanti (jacques brel) 4:56 [la chanson des vieux amants]
  3. le temps du muguet (vasily solovyov-sedoi) 3:58 [moscow nights]
  4. april in paris (vernon duke) 3:23
  5. april child (moacir santos) 6:10 [maracatu, nação do amor]
  6. seasons of song (allison adams tucker) 4:01
  7. here comes the sun (george harrison) 4:36
  8. derradeira primavera (antonio carlos jobim) 3:48
  9. you must believe in spring (michel legrand) 5:59 [la chanson de maxence]
Featuring: Emmanuel Massarotti piano / fender rhodes, Evona Wascinski contrabass, Julie Saury drums, Zé Luis Nascimento percussion, Louise-Emmanuelle Dorche violin, Mirko Guerrini saxophones / peruvian flute, Peter Sprague guitar, Lou Fanucchi accordion :: recorded at studio ferber, paris [1st UNESCO international jazz day]
Come With Me - Allison Adams Tucker
come with me (Allegato Music 2008)
  1. World On A String (Koehler / Arlen) 3:37
  2. My Funny Valentine / Sakura (Rogers / Hart, Japanese traditional) 3:16
  3. Blue Skies (Berlin) 2:53
  4. La Vie En Rose (Louiguy / Piaf) 3:11
  5. l'll Be Seeing You (Kahal / Fain) 4:07
  6. Rosa (Pixinguinha / de Souza) 3:12
  7. You Got Me (Allison Adams Tucker) 4:09
  8. The Sea (La Mer: Trenet, Umi: Hayashi / Inoue) 4:40
  9. Volver (Gardel / Le Pera) 3:36
  10. You Belong To Me (King / Stewart / Price) 4:45
  11. O Barquinho (Boscoli / Menescal) 3:02
  12. Over The Rainbow (Arlen / Harburg) 4:02
Featuring: Kamau Kenyatta piano / arrangement, Peter Sprague guitar, Evona Wascinski bass, Dylan Savage drums, Fabio Oliveira percussion, Louisa West flute, Reiko Obata Japanese koto harp, Ray Suen violin, Derek Cannon trumpet, Patrick Berrogain French guitar, Danny Green Brazilian piano
Ocean In Your Eyes - Peter Sprague
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ocean in your eyes :: peter sprague :: (SBE Records 2014)
  1. I Can't Make Much Sense Out Of You (True North vocals) 5:15
  2. Giving It Up (Kevyn Lettau vocals) 4:59
  3. Chanting With Charles (Leonard Patton vocals) 4:24
  4. Words and Music (True North vocals) 6:56
  5. Would You Like To Dance? (Kevyn Lettau vocals) 4:33
  6. Seattle Stomp (Leonard Patton vocals) 6:29
  7. Mudra (True North vocals) 6:22
  8. The Big Phone Bill Blues (Lisa Hightower vocals) 5:52
  9. The Big Easy Chair (Leonard Patton vocals, Allison Adams Tucker background vocals) 5:05
  10. Jaywalkin' (Leonard Patton vocals) 5:57
"I like singers! You play the intro, set up the tune, and if the singer has it right, the song takes off and you're carried away into the magic of the song. Ocean In Your Eyes is a collection of my original compositions brought to life by some amazing vocalists, lyricists and musicians. A few of the pieces are tunes that I've recorded before as instrumentals and now here, for the first time, they are outfitted with a lyrical story and a spirited vocalist. The other ones are new. Also new are my explorations of writing for a vocal ensemble. Check out the sound that the True North singers brought to this project. Vocals in 3-D!" — Peter Sprague
Calling Me Home - Peter Sprague
calling me home :: peter sprague :: (SBE Records 2010)
  1. Sarah's Island (Kevyn Lettau vocals) 7:20
  2. Holding On In Bombay (Leonard Patton / Allison Adams Tucker vocals) 7:21
  3. Cantar (Allison Adams Tucker vocals) 6:25
  4. Rain (Lisa Hightower vocals) 5:27
  5. Hold On (Leonard Patton / Lisa Hightower vocals) 5:06
  6. To Live in the Heavens (Kate Fuller vocals) 5:53
  7. Weird Science, Modern Times (Leonard Patton / Lisa Hightower vocals) 4:59
  8. Mudra (Leonard Patton vocals) 5:30
  9. The Power to Rock (Leonard Patton / Lisa Hightower vocals) 3:55
  10. Calling Me Home (Leonard Patton vocals) 5:44
"Calling Me Home is a collection of my original vocal songs performed by a few of my favorite vocalists. Even before I got into jazz I was listening to bands that were led by singers. Early influences were The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Crosby Stills and Nash and Jimi Hendrix. For me, the blend of a singer telling their story through words and then having this transition to some space for an improvised solo is a cool way to play music." — Peter Sprague
The Saboteur

EA Games - The Saboteur
The Saboteur is an open world third person action-adventure video game set during World War II in German-occupied France.
the saboteur :: ea games :: (Electronic Arts / Pandemic Studios 2009)
The Saboteur Soundtrack:
  1. Koop - Koop Island Blues (Featuring Ane Brun)
  2. Ella Fitzgerald - Somebody Nobody Loves
  3. Ella Fitzgerald - Caravan
  4. Madeleine Peyroux - Dance Me to the End of Love
  5. Nina Simone - Feeling Good
  6. Nina Simone - Feeling Good (Troublemaker Remix)
  7. Isаac Sprintis - Feeling Good (Sprintis Remix)
  8. Steve Sidwell - Walk The Walk
  9. Howard Shaw - Red, White & Blues
  10. Peter Cork - Depression Blues
  11. Steve Sidwell - Smoochie Coochie
  12. Ruben Ayala & Mile Deering - Relaxing Risk
  13. Frank Macchia - On The Rocks
  14. Jan Stevens - Martini Lounge
  15. Jan Stevens - Terrapin On A Tightrope
  16. Maxayn - The Finger Points To You
  17. Kacee Clanton - Don't Do Me Wrong [instrumental]
  18. Charles Chemery - S'Embrasser A La Plage
  19. Allison Adams Tucker - Quand J'tai Perdu
  20. Robert Farnon - Blue Theme
  21. Steve Martin - Expose
  22. Deb Lyons - Over The Moon
  23. Allison Adams Tucker - L'Homme Que J'Adore
  24. Maxayn - The Finger Points To You [instrumental]
  25. Kacee Clanton - Don't Do Me Wrong
  26. Charles Chemery - S'Embrasser A La Plage [instrumental]
  27. Quand J'tai Perdu [instrumental]
  28. Deb Lyons - Over The Moon [instrumental]
  29. L'Homme Que J'Adore [instrumental]
  30. Steve Martin - Expose (Extended)
  31. Christopher Young - The Saboteur Theme
  32. Christopher Young - The Saboteur Theme [action mix]
  33. Christopher Young - The Saboteur Theme [piano version]
  34. Flogging Molly - Seven Deadly Sins
  35. The Saboteur Intro
  36. Christopher Young - The Saboteur Theme [jazz mix]